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julia flores

m a k e u p + y o g a


I'm a makeup artist and registered yoga teacher (RYT-200) 

based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I offer both in-person and virtual services.

I strive to help you feel your best and to open your eyes to beauty in yourself. 

xoxo Julia

“I’m 30 years old fabulous, and never had my makeup done professionally before. I remember growing up and always being a tad jealous of the girls at prom or homecoming that had fancy makeup done. I was always pretty insecure about myself. Then I met Julia Flores. This woman has a magical ability to make someone feely truly seen, heard and beautiful, inside and out. As someone who’s not used to wearing makeup often (aka never), she was so kind and patient with me. I had no idea what I wanted, but she listened to me and my story, made some suggestions, and then we started! She takes her time, and doesn’t make you feel guilty for blinking (I’m very ticklish, haha). She would pause to let me see her work in progress. When I noticed something I wasn’t quite feeling, she didn’t take offense to it at all – She listens carefully. In the end, I felt like a true queen! I never take selfies, y’all – I took a total of 16 selfies that night (no shame!!). Julia is absolutely incredible, kind and honestly gifted. Highly recommend for any makeup beginners such as myself 😊”

Julia Orlidge-Diehl

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